It is noticed that recently our company was quoted by unauthorized parties through Whatsapp claiming to help others to search for full-time or part-time jobs. Fraud name cards with logo and website were even provided in the messages. The issue has been reported to the Police.

We hereby alert all parties to pay special attention to suspicious messages using our company name. In case of doubt, please feel free to contact us at (852) 2854-2228 for clarification.

Monthly Archives: June 2019


年輕大學排名 科大連續兩年登榜首

英國泰晤士高等教育公布全球年輕大學排名2019,香港科技大學連續兩年排榜首,香港城市大學和香港理工大學分別排第5及第15位。排名根據5大範疇包括教學(30%)、研究(30%)、論文引用(30%)、國際視野(7.5%)及知識轉移(2.5%),合共13項指標評分,評核創立50年或以下的大學,今年共有351間大學上榜。 科大連續兩年排榜首,在研究範疇得分仍屬全球最高。城大排名則微升兩位至第5位,理大亦升三位至第15位。 Source : Sky Post
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中國城市宜居競爭力 港續稱冠

中國社會科學院和內媒周一共同發布二○一八年中國城市宜居競爭力報告,評比各城市的綜合經濟競爭力、可持續競爭力、宜居及宜商競爭力。香港連續三年位居首位。無錫、杭州、南通、廣州、南京、澳門、深圳、寧波和鎮江,依次位列第二至第十位。   報告指出,近幾年城市宜居競爭力平均水平呈下降趨勢,但在二○一七年達到最低點後,去年有所回升。而長三角都市連綿區的城市,宜居競爭力水平屬全國前列,與廈門都市圈、青島都市圈、珠三角都市連綿區,共同組成宜居競爭力均值第一水平類別組。   綜合經濟指數遜深圳   報告並指,活躍的經濟環境、優質的教育及健康的醫療環境,是造成中國城市宜居競爭力差異的主要原因。今次報告對二○一八年兩岸四地、共二百九十三個城市的綜合經濟競爭力和二百八十八個城市進行研究。香港在三項指標中均排第一,只有在綜合經濟競爭力指數中僅次深圳,排行第二。   Source : Oriental Daily
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What investment banks are really looking for when they interview students

I was chatting a little while back with a former boss and mentor of mine on the topic of why it is that professions such as engineering and medicine, for example, require people to be so extensively trained and certified in the classroom before being let loose as practitioners, whereas finance and banking do not.…
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The banking job where most people are pointless

Last week, I had a coffee with the head of research sales at an investment bank. When you work on a trading floor, it’s well known that the people in sales trading and research sales are paid well, so I wanted to know what life was really like in his area of the business. He…
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