It is noticed that recently our company was quoted by unauthorized parties through Whatsapp claiming to help others to search for full-time or part-time jobs. Fraud name cards with logo and website were even provided in the messages. The issue has been reported to the Police.

We hereby alert all parties to pay special attention to suspicious messages using our company name. In case of doubt, please feel free to contact us at (852) 2854-2228 for clarification.


外媒報道,社交平台Snapchat打爛「閱後即焚」生招牌,打算延長用戶的公開帖文的可被瀏覽時間,甚至延長至永久,並公開發帖者的身份,以增加收入來源。新改動只會影響用戶上傳至「我們的故事」(Our Story)的照片及影片。Our Story功能讓用戶可以匿名上傳公開的帖文,該些帖文會以地點、社群、活動等不同的標題作分類。消息指,由於內容在一段時間後便會消失,而且是匿名發布,令Snapchat的商業夥伴認為難以合作。


Source : Sky Post


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