It is noticed that recently our company was quoted by unauthorized parties through Whatsapp claiming to help others to search for full-time or part-time jobs. Fraud name cards with logo and website were even provided in the messages. The issue has been reported to the Police.

We hereby alert all parties to pay special attention to suspicious messages using our company name. In case of doubt, please feel free to contact us at (852) 2854-2228 for clarification.

Whatsapp 新功能

手機通訊程式 WhatsApp 被指將推出新功能,網站 androidauthority 報道,用戶可憑帳戶連結第三方網站,毋須輸入名稱、密碼等資料重新註冊。這功能預料可讓用戶藉 WhatsApp 帳戶登入Facebook 或 Instagram 外,亦有助用戶把 Instagram 內的貼文轉發至 WhatsApp 內。

Facebook先後於2012及2014年收購 Instagram 和 WhatsApp。今年5月,WhatsApp已推出新功能,讓用戶透過 WhatsApp 傳送 Facebook 或 Instagram 的影片時,可在 WhatsApp 的畫面上以畫中畫形式觀看,毋須跳至其他程式。

Source : Sky Post


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