Business Analyst (PRC Online Shopping Group)

Responsibilities 職責 :

  • 负责收集业务需求,提出有效可行的系统产品解决方案,指导业务部门合理作业; 主导产品的规划、设计、品控、采购到上市的全过程管理
  • 负责与业务部门沟通,对生鲜电商应用和作业流程规范提供培训和指导
  • 负责与研发部门沟通,制定开发计划,跟进项目进度,验收交付版本,推动发布上线
  • 独立或指导他人完成方案论证、原型设计、PRD文档编写,推进相关系统的更新优化
  • 负责行业信息的搜集,负责行业发展现状、发展趋势,竞争性分析
  • 负责培训引导业务部门,推动员工熟练使用系统
  • Responsible for collecting business requirements, proposing effective and feasible system product solutions, guiding business departments to operate rationally; leading the entire process management of product planning, design, quality control, procurement and listing
  • Responsible for communicating with business departments, providing training and guidance on fresh food e-commerce applications and operating procedures
  • Responsible for communicating with the R&D department, formulating development plans, following up the progress of the project, checking and accepting the delivered version, and promoting the release and launch
  • Independently or guide others to complete program demonstration, prototype design, PRD document writing, and promote the update and optimization of related systems
  • Responsible for the collection of industry information, responsible for industry development status, development trends, and competitive analysis;
  • Responsible for training and guiding business departments, and promoting employees to use the system proficiently

Requirements 要求 :

  • 大专或以上
  • 5年以上产品规划经验,有生鲜、供应链、门店相关项目经验,深度了解生鲜品类,对生鲜产品行业发展趋势有深入的了解
  • 热爱移动互联网,关注用户体验,对新鲜事物敏感,对新型产品有自己的见解,熟悉小程序、app产品
  • 具备较强的文字表现能力、熟练使用Axure、ppt、Word、Excel进行文档的呈现
  • 良好的责任心和执行力,拥有良好的沟通能力,以及谦逊的素质和积极主动的沟通意识
  • 具有优秀的数据分析能力和严密的逻辑思维,能设计本地化方案
  • 具有中大型系统设计经验者优先,有系统0到1设计
  • 有生鲜、电商、供应链经验优先
  • Tertiary education or above
  • More than 5 years of product planning experience, with experience in fresh food, supply chain, store related projects, in-depth understanding of fresh food categories, and in-depth understanding of the development trend of the fresh product industry
  • Love the mobile Internet, pay attention to user experience, be sensitive to new things, have their own opinions on new products, and be familiar with small programs and app products
  • Possess strong writing ability and proficient use of Axure, ppt, Word, Excel for document presentation
  • Good sense of responsibility and execution, good communication skills, as well as humble quality and proactive communication awareness
  • With excellent data analysis ability and rigorous logical thinking, able to design localization plans
  • Experience in designing medium and large systems is preferred, with system 0 to 1 design
  • Experience in fresh food, e-commerce, and supply chain is preferred


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30K - 35K

Ngau Tau Kok

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