Risk Management- VP / AD (SFC Lic: 1,4,6 & 9)


  • Advising the Management on all risk related matters
  • Drafting of systems, methods and procedures related to risk management
  • Daily monitoring involving risk framework and limit management
  • Processing various business applications, risk analysis and assessment work
  • Managing portfolio of investment and financing projects


  • University degree or master’s degree
  • More than 10 years solid experience in Risk Management
  • Fluent in English, Chinese, English (Mandarin)

*** Please submit your resume in both Chinese and English to


  • 就所有风险相关事宜向管理层提供建议
  • 草拟风险管理有关的制度、办法、流程
  • 涉及风险框架、限额管理的日常监控
  • 处理各类业务的申请,风险分析评估工作
  • 管理投融资项目的组合


  • 大学学位或硕士学位
  • 十年以上风管経验
  • 流利英中文, 英文 (普通话)

*** 请将中英文履历交 canwie.chan@levin.hk

HK$70,000 - 100,000 (Depends on experience)

10 years Plus related experience

Degree holder or above

Hong Kong

Enquiry: (852) 2520 0064

To apply for this job, please send your CV to canwie.chan@levin.hk

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